Burnished Night

A Mercenary's Quest

Day 1, Month 3

Master Waterfall invites us to his chambers. Only Josh and Craig go. They see oddly smoky, green-flamed candles, and odds and ends. Their conversation begins. Unpleasantries are exchanged. The wizard’s knowledge is deep than the norm of the population. He wishes to know of the origin our party. Craig explains to him the nature of our quest to save the world and their bodies, as well as for fame and fortune.

He relays that the aspect is here in Rezel. It was 10 years ago, that he brought the aspect to Rezel for King Pharaday the Greater. Using the Aspect for irrigation, the King was able to conquer the land and turn the country into a prosperous nation. The aspect was recovered by bandits and given to Maderine. She holds the aspect with her power and turned a creature or two into an Aboleth. It is a vile creature that has not been seen for some time.

Craig and Josh leave Master Waterfall. We reconvene for a few days of rest and recovery. Everyone is invited to a feast by the apothecary. Snake meat all around! The first real food we may have seen in quite some time.

We sit down at the largest table where great numbers of snakes, algae, seaweed, and fish. As we begin to eat, the snake is reminiscent of terrible gasoline-coated rubber, as said by Ivan.
Marl has approached with an offer to take us and bring many opportunities for us. Ayella offers a job to Nylyss about taking care of a Duke. Sven shows us that the statue of Shin Shiraz is purified. The goddess is displeased with Josh as he kneels before the altar. They speak with each other and she relents and blesses him.

Day 9, Month 3

Discussion rages back and forth about who and when and what we should do. We settle upon helping Ayella. Many visit the shrine for blessings from Shin Shiraz. A possible problem in the future should her goals conflict with ours.
We head up the river with little trouble, and plenty of help from the goddess Shin Shiraz, we make great time.

Day 10, Month 3

Encountering almost no trouble from the guards, we walk upon the hill in front of the castle. Out storms Duke Rolf and as he descends upon us we collectively express our intentions of treaty discussion. He beats a hasty retreat and thus begins our siege.

We move towards the gate in attempt to take cover and enter the keep. Ivan climbs atop my back as I fly into the air. Josh and Nylyss beat on the doors as does Durgar (Craig). Jason shouts at the peasants to surrender and that their efforts are futile. Quickly traversing the sky, I land blast a foe in the face, he looks unfazed. Ivan jabs at him, but the blade bounces off the stone in his hands. Nylyss finds a weakness in the stone wall and the guard we had been beating upon falls sprawled. Other peasant conscripts are scattered about the keep.

Josh throws Craig (Durgar) into the air. He lands on an enemy. Josh then throws Jason onto the wall. Both thrown people are sprawled. Durgar then stabs and knocks his unfortunate landing victim unconscious. A lone peasant charges at me. They sound the alarm as we break into the keep and begin running away.

He does nothing against my scales. I breathe fear deep into his body and he falls cowering to the ground. Ivan stabs the original target to death. Nylyss continues to beat heavily onto the doors of the keep. They begin shaking and trembling. Josh also beats on the doors and they continue to wear down. Durgar threatens a peasant to make him flee and he drops his spear. The peasants are still running in fear.

Ivan and I open the gate. Nylyss runs inside. Jason shouts about how we entered the keep, threatening Duke Rolf. He is shaken by the words and they begin yelling in panic. Duke Rolf charges from the keep with his lance and armored mount to attack Durgar. More peasants stream forth from the keep. Josh moves to strike Duke Rolf with a jab of lightning. It shocks him into yelling, “What witchery is this?!” Durgar moves and strikes at the horse. With a swift slash, the horse’s flank is cut rather heavily. The peasants move around like milling ants.

I grab Ivan and attempt to throw him onto the Duke. I missed the throw and Ivan lands on the wall. Nylyss slyly argues with the peasants and gets them to back off. We begin to negotiate with Duke Rolf.

Rolf’s horse goes down for a moment, shot by an arrow from Jason. Then he swings his sword at Craig and Josh. Josh takes a slash to the body and Craig manages t use his shield to block the attack. Josh moves backwards and taunts Duke Rolf. Enraged, Rolf accepts his challenge. Craig swings at Rolf and lashes at his ankle and elicits a yelp, swings again and hits him.

I move towards the peasants and away from the Duke. Ivan moves away with me and impresses the peasants. They begin to calm down. Nylyss realizes that the Duke is not calming down and cracks him across the head. Rolf staggers about almost drunkenly. Jason shoots at the horse, misses, and shoots again. The shot causes the horse to crash to the ground, dead upon impact. Duke immediately charges at Josh with a slash from his longsword. A massive blow to Josh’s thigh as the sword digs deep. Blood gushes from the wound as Rolf continues to slash wildly. Josh reaches to grab him and grapple him to the ground. Craig goes into to pummel Duke Rolf. Peasants attempt to talk with Duke Rolf. The Duke swings his sword in anger at the peasant. Craig manages to parry the blow just enough to keep the peasant from dying.

I impress upon the citizens that their Duke has become unstable and may actually be crazy. They begin to creep forward. Ivan shies away to the food stores. Nylyss pummels into the armor of the Duke to no avail. Jason shoots the Duke with his arrows. The Duke swings rather pathetically at Josh. Nothing happens and Josh pulls back with a fist charged with crackling energy and lands it upon the Duke’s armor. Craig stares at Nylyss and seemingly asks about whether he should be pummeled or killed. Nylyss nods at the blunt end and Craig whacks the Duke in the side of the body. The peasants begin to move and surround Duke.

I fly around the keep a little towards to the stable. There appears to be a chimney stack. Ivan spots snakes in the storeroom. He sees that there is a woman and helps her out of the storeroom. She claims to be the Duchess. Nylyss continues to pummel into the Duke’s backside, but he doesn’t seem fazed. Jason fires two arrows at the Duke. One arrow actually seems to hit him and anger him further. Duke Rolf slashes at Josh and brings him low. His anger causes him to lash out at Nylyss and strikes him in his arm. Durgar attempts to attack the Duke but his armor protects him from most of the damage. The peasants reach forward against the Duke.

I fly straight to the Giant and attempt to drag him away. Ivan is taken into the treasure room with the lady. Her reflection does not appear in a mirror and she explodes after showing signs of attacking Ivan and his reaction is to stab her in the mouth. Nylyss bites him in the face and the Duke dies after a frenzied motion of chomping.



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