Burnished Night

Occupational Hazards

Day 1 of Month 2,

To chronicle this journey for understanding is the duty of one such as me. My incarceration in this rather pitiable “menagerie” has enlightened me to the nature of these people’s king and some of the reason for their continuing plight. With a surge of strength, I break my chains and make my way out of the holding as the guards scatter and the nobles follow like ducklings, or lemmings perhaps, their mentally broken leader into his castle.

As my companions and I head outside so that we may plan our way back in, they tell me the progress they have made in searching for the relic of Shin Shiraz. It is an object that appears to be a hilt for a rather ornate sword. Rather than plan ways back into the castle keep, Nylyss and I decide to begin searching for the other parts of the relic. Ah, I had forgotten, the Chil’d known as Ivan had decided to stay within the confines of the keep to be our eyes-and-ears so that we will not be caught unaware by events that transpire amongst the nobles. He is a brave one.

Exiting the keep, Nylyss and I notice a man on wooden stilts walking amongst the fields as snakes nip about his heels. Each snake that jumps merely finds its head in contact with a large metal disc designed to keep them from biting him. Deigning that there is not time to waste, I have Nylyss climb atop my back and we fly towards the man. He looks up, startled, and falls backwards into the fields. I jolt forward to help, but alas, I am a hair too late. Nylyss, with the speed of one well trained in martial arts, reaches forward grasping my talons and the man to ensure that he is not swallowed by the snakes. We carry him back to the castle as swiftly as we can.

Craig, man of mystery and capability, tells me of his adventures entering the keep. He walked around the keep’s high walls looking for any point of entry, when his eyes fell upon a grate located in the side of one wall. Pushing against the rusted iron until it began to bend and break, Craig lifted himself into the sewage canals of the Castle. A terrible stench wafted along the tunnel and into the go-mar’s nose. Wrinkling his face against the stench he pushed his way forward and strove deep into the tunnel’s recesses. Without a map, he began to explore just as any true adventurer does until he came upon a ladder heading up into the castle. As he began climbing, a snake leapt from the slimy muck that oozed along the tunnel’s floor and bit Craig in the back of his thigh. Taking only the slightest of notices, Craig continued onward on the ladder. Every few rungs, he felt as though his limbs were unusually heavy and fatigued. Sensing something was amiss; Craig rushed the last few rungs and collapsed in a heap on the floor in front of a few guards.

Josh, a man of great height and gentleness, decided that the castle had held his attention long enough and went back to the temple only to find it being ransacked. Discouraging the thieves with his intimidating height and deep voice, Josh proceeded to the back of the temple after hearing the sound of one lone person crying out for help. In the back, Josh met Sven, the rather reclusive head acolyte for the followers of Shin Shiraz here in Rezel. A quiet discussion took place whereby Josh was placed in charge of protecting the temple and given an authorized note that he may enter and leave the castle quite freely. Lodgings were also provided during his time as temple guard.

Jason was taken with his examination with the frogman who was my lone partner in the “menagerie”. His decision led him not to enter the castle keep at all.

Every one of my companions gathered at the castle due to their various circumstances. Nylyss managed to administer a potion that cured the strange man that was standing on stilts. Every agent we had contact with and a few extras converged on us as soon as we had gathered. We quickly decided on which loyalties to maintain. We split up and went forth to fulfill our duties.

Day 18 Month 2,

After working a whole month, Nylyss and I trained under Ayella and learned how to make all-out attacks without dying. After many mishaps, and some adventuring, we managed to recover the last bit of the relic. We reforged it and placed the sword into the statue’s hand with Sven.
Salt water began to flow from the tip of the sword. Ayella began to panic and wanted the sword broken. As everyone began to surge about, snakes poured from the sword. We stuffed the statue into my sack and dragged it outside as the bag became noticeably heavier. Outside, the bag ripped and a snake with a fan began growing at an alarming rate until it was gargantuan in size. We bravely fought it, Ivan took near fatal damage. Josh and Nylyss were blinded by snake venom. Craig was continually knocked down but continued to help out. Jason lined up a shot cannon. The cannonball shot off part of the tail. Swiftly knocking out the snake, we stabbed it in the eye. The snake rotted away and left only the bones. As a bonus, the statue appeared out of the snake’s body, whole and apparently purified.



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