Burnished Night

On the Shadow Galleon

Our heroes set sail

Inside the cave, the spiraling stone staircase eventually opens up to an expansive mountain crevice. Black feathered Draken are fast at work on enormous looms modified for their bestial frames. Others still swoop down from the sky to dine on fruits and rodents left in baskets. Few Draken meander on the ground, weaving their claws and wings to swirl magical energies that appear to be infused into the thread from the looms. The bustling mountain metropolis grinds to a halt at the sight of the Paragons and their Draken companion.

Their leader, KithKalas appears angered, but only due to the nature of their arrival. Outsiders on their island must mean that the ancient prophecies are about to be fulfilled, and that a time of great tribulation is about to befall the worshipers of Mistknell.

Kithkalas takes the Paragons to his inner sanctum, where he reveals what must be done in order to return them home. Find the Eight Aspects of the Summer Sun, return them to the island, and a ritual can be performed to prevent the sun from being extinguished. Each of the aspects was hidden in one of the burgeoning kingdoms on the northern continent. The Aspect of Water, formally in the possession of the Diggers of Eastenbarrow, was stolen and taken to the marshy swamplands of the Kingdom of Rezel. The Aspect of Fire may already be in the possession of the Cult of the Master, as it is farther North than any of the kingdoms. The aspect of Good lies somewhere within the City of Bold, and may be safe for now.

The Paragons decide to go after the Aspect of Water, on the eastern coast of the Sea. Kithkalas bids Mauldin accompany the Paragons on their journey, and tasks him with delivering four Dragon Scrolls to each enclave of Draken on the mainland.

Leading them to the coast of the island, they see their ship tied to a small dock. The Shadow Galleon is a foreboding ship made of almost ebony-dark wood, with flimsy silken sails, crewed by a group of vaguely humanoid inky-black shadows. With some trepidation, the Paragons embark on this vessel and set sail for the mainland.



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