Quantum fluctuations are more common in the Midglass. Over time, life has changed to incorporate the phenomenon into its fold; The results can be quite extrodinary.

The Marred ( Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogres and Giants)
The first aberrations of human physiology. Marring is hereditary, and no two Marred have the exact same deformity.

The Diggers (Dwarves)
Stout and proud, the Diggers are the most industrious denizens of the Midglass. Their subterranean civilizations are home to complex workshops and winding networks of tunnels.

The Fair (Elves)
Perhaps the least changed from baseline humanity, the Fair have the ability to sense quantum possibilities. Existing in both past and future, they sometimes neglect the present.

The Roots (Rootwalkers)
The effects of Quantum fluctuations are not exclusive to mammalian life. Or even animal life, for that matter.

The Chil’d (Pech)
Small and quick, the Chil’d at first appear to be human children. Their long lifespans and even longer gastro-intestinal systems are what separates them from humanity.

The Draken (Drakes)
The mortal predecessors to Dragons, Draken had been hunted to near extinction by the Overglassers. Most of these winged reptilians live in seclusion.

The Scales (Saurian)
The reptilian Scales are almost as numerous as their Marred counterparts, and certainly more organized. Scales navigate the seas, bogs, and jungles of the Midglass, and have adapted to almost every environment.

The Gurrok (Minotaurs]
Gurrok are natives of the mountains past the Eastern Wastes. These large bipeds migrated to the River Down at the end of the Sideless War, and have adopted some Riverfolk customs and traditions.

The Humans
Humanity has flourished since the end of the Sideless War. While they vary infinitely in their proclivities, they most closely resemble the Marred or Diggers in their preference for living in large gathering places.


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