The Humans

Humans are the base from which all other intelligent life forms were created within the Midglass. Between 5 and 6 feet tall, humans are bipeds with five fingers on each hand. Humans vary widely in culture and temperment, some even incorporating secondary mutations based on their environment. Humans are the second most populous race in the Midglass, after The Marred.

Human Talents within the Hourglass

Overglasser- Overglassers hail from the realm above the midglass. Their superior technology leads them to live incredibly long lives, and provides them with access to weapons and knowledge that do not exist in the Midglass. Overglassers in the Midglass are often exiles, though some operate as agents representing overglasser interests.

+1 to the highest attribute, +1 to the lowest attribute
Calling: Gallant and Deadeye
Black powder proficiency
Sharp Mind
Last Chance

Hailing from the Dwarven Kingdom of Eastenbarrow, these humans populate the areas near lake dilreen and the mid-river. They are as at home in cobblestoned cities as they are out on the cattle range.

Mazers collect fruits and other exotics from the dense forests in the western bend. It is said that ancient trees taught them how to live in harmony with the woods. Mazers all have some natural magical talent.

The Chozar hail from the Glacial plains of the north. They are fiercely devout to their god, The Master, and build huge shrines in their snow-swept cities. It is said those closest to the Master taught the Chozar how to build with metal and stone.

The Humans

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