Religions in the Midglass usually center around a deity. Some religions center around the worship of nature spirits or Dragons; Draken with exceptional magical power.

Religions of the Valley Kingdoms

Traditionally, ancestor worship was the predominant faith in the Northern Midglass. The Marex were among the first to venerate aspects of the natural world, naming and communicating with the elemental forces that govern it.

At the end of the Age of Legends, Gods, Arch Demons and Dragons began to appear, establishing their Domains and spreading their messages to the people of the Midglass.

River Pantheon:

Lord Ă…ith- Patron of the Temple of the 7th dawn, Lord of free slaves.
Fadrenel- The cartographer, Keeper of Scrolls.
Shin Shiraz- The purest lady, Just vengeance for the innocent.
Mayheim- Offspring of chaos, herald of war.
Madrine- Queen of the River, Mistress of Fortune.
Cloak- The Hunter of Soul,. Host of death’s feast.

The Digger Pantheon

Stain- Brother to all diggers, Master of Kegs.
Guild- The divine treasurer.
B’Shezrael- The fallen champion, punisher of fools.


Blackscale: Master of all dragons who follow the path of power.

  • Betrayer: The Witch Wurm, consort of the Black one.

Salz Grathi: Swordmaster, greatest of all draken.

  • Marlar: The protector, consort of the great one.

Mistknell: Bringer of Night. The Black Warrior.


The Ancestors embody the paths of Spirits, Fortune and Knowledge. Those who heed the call of their ancestors can communicate with what remains of their presence in the world, beseech their aid in times of need, or recall the knowledge of their bloodline.

Alignment Skills: Resolve, Tactics, Investigate, Sense Motive
Alignment Weapon: Quarterstaff


The spirits of the natural world

Shi: The spirits of plants and beasts, The spark of life.
Shan: The surging army of ants, smiter of Foes.
Do: The eternal question, face of restless spirits.
Har: The swift river, marching tide of battle.
N’Sar: The flame of camps, light that unites tribes.
Po: The soil, the soft road for the sojourner.

The Arch Demons

Fan Fariel: Master of a thousand, thousand slaves. The unforgiving whip.
[Shebal’ra: Desert wind. The choking curse.
Tisrel: The extinguisher of life’s flame.

The Master:

Creator of the Midglass


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