Welcome to Valley Kingdoms

And welcome to the Hourglass. The Fantasy-Sci-fi world set within a miniaturized, artificial ecosystem. Here you’ll find our setting information, character biographies, and adventure logs. Follow along with our players as they struggle to recover the Aspects of the Summer Sun and return home.

News 6/18/12

Mistknell’s Monologue is posted in the adventure log, revealing a way for the lost humans to return home.

New Player Information

Campaign qualities:

Miracles- Gods and Divine magic exist in within the Midglass, granting the faithful incredible powers.

Sorcery- Quantum fluctuations help exaggerate superstition and ritual, turning imagination into reality.

Larger-Than-Life Heroes- Player characters start with 40 points to buy attribute scores and may purchase scores above 18 at 5 points per score beyond 18 (i.e. a starting score of 20 costs 32 points).

New Characters
New Characters start at level 1. Characters choose races from the Races, or create new races using the guidelines from Crafty Games. New Races must total 7 points.

Burnished Night

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