Ivan Stratsimir

Quick with tongue and knife, Ivan is a small and dangerous person. He looks no older than 8, but in his eyes are years of experiences.


Ivan’s Character Sheet

Race: Chil’d

Physical Description:

Male 2’11" 34lbs. 53 yrs. old
Small Size

Primary Information:

Vitality: 7
Wounds: 8
Speed: 30ft.
Initiative: 3
Defense: 14
Number of Action Dice: 3d4
Legend: 1
Reputation: 21

Base Attacks:

Unarmed: 1
Melee: 1

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: 1
Reflex: 3
Will: 3


Moderate Padded Armor:
AC Bonus: 1
DR: 1
DP:- ACP:- ACP:- Speed:- WGT: 3
ATK: 2
DMG: 1d4
Threat: 18-20
Attributes: AP8, Finesse
Quantity: 2
ATK: 2
DMG: 1d6
Threat: 19-20
Attributes: Bleed, Hurl
Grooming Case – +1 Appearance
Pharmacist’s Kit
Poison Vials x2 (unknown effect)
Numbing Poison x3


STR: 12-1
DEX: 14-2
CON: 12-1
INT: 14-2
WIS: 12-1
CHA: 17-3


Edged: Proficient, Forte


6 – Blend
9 – Bluff
6 – Crafting: Pharmacy, Inscription
9 – Disguise
5 – Haggle
7 – Impress
5 – Investigate
5 – Notice
6 – Prestidigitation
2 – Resolve
2 – Ride-untrained
6 – Search
5 – Sense Motive
6 – Sneak


Lock picking


Total Lifestyle: 3
Panache: 3
Appearance Bonus: +2
Income: 30s


Ambush Basics:
2 rounds for a Tactics or Ambush Check
+1 d6 sneak attack damage
Always Ready:
Always act during surprise rounds
Pick on the Big Guy:
+2 damage to larger foes 1 times per combat feat known, minimum one
Venom Master:
Increase error range by 1 to make poison’s 1st incubation period instant, missing makes you flat footed
Knife Basics:
Always considered armed with knives
(Stance) – +2 d6 sneak attack damage when stance taken, cannot move in stance
Once per session, improve the disposition of a non-adversary npc by 5
Hearty Appetite:
Can gain the benefit of two superior meals per day
Each time you spend 1 action die to boost a Charisma- or Wisdom-based skill check, you roll and add the results of 2 dice

Ivan Stratsimir has long been a Russian “International Business Man” but in reality is a spy for the Russian government. Russia and the US may have peace, but neither is such a fool as to let the other one get too advanced over themselves. He is sneaky, charming, and loves to kill with poison and underhanded tricks. He is kind to everyone around him, as he must, for in a straight up fight he is worthless. He will use anyone to his own ends, but now in the new realm they are in, he is interested only in survival, including those who will aid him, and possible escape carrying new technology home to his motherland. He will be your friend as long as you wish, for he can always find uses for you, he just doesn’t know how long it might be.

Ivan Stratsimir

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