Introductory Biography for Mauldin


Race: Draken
Physical Description:
Male 6’ at the shoulder 320lbs. 33 yrs. old
Large Size
Primary Information:

Vitality: 11
Wounds: 21
Speed: 35ft. Flight: 45ft.
Initiative: 1
Defense: 12
Number of Action Dice: 3d4
Legend: 1
Reputation: 25

Base Attacks:

Unarmed: 1
Melee: 0
Ranged: 1

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 1
Will: 3


Thick Hide
AC Bonus: 0
DR: 3
DP:- ACP:- ACP:- Speed:- WGT: 0

Gore Attack I:
ATK: 1
DMG: 1d8
Threat: 20


Claw Attack I
ATK: 1
DMG: 1d8
Threat: 20


Average Map: +1 MPH, +2 Nav


STR: 11-0
DEX: 13-1
CON: 14-2
INT: 14-2
WIS: 14-2
CHA: 14-2

Unarmed: Proficient, Forte


1 – Acrobatics
6 – Blend
6 – Bluff
6 – Impress
6 – Intimidate
5 – Investigate
6 – Medicine
6 – Notice
0 – Prestidigitation
5 – Resolve
6 – Sense Motive
6 – Survival


Drakonic Culture
Drakonic Language
Overglassers Language


Total Lifestyle: 3
Panache: 3
Appearance Bonus: +1
Income: 30s


Draconic Heritage:
Thick Hide 3, Always considered to have a Mage’s Pouch
New Basic Skill Mastery Conqueror

Do not suffer penalties to blend checks in indoor/settled terrain. Fear as my breath weapon.

Path of Travel I:
Speed +5ft. Orient Self at will

Paired Skills:
Intimidate and Spellcasting

Terrifying Look:
Increase the Will Save DC of Stress damage by 4

Once per session, improve the disposition of a non-adversary npc by 5

Breath Weapon:
2d6+Con, Ref = 10+feats+Con

Spend an AD to reroll a failed priest skill or attack check with ritual weapon.


Mauldin Purefoot is a Draken of little renown. His family and its legacy are mere footnotes in a dusty tome no one bothers to read. The Purefoot family tree is long, but decidedly unexciting. A Purefoot’s only redeeming feature being the dedication to the Cloth so that the creatures of the world would not perish. In particular, Mauldin is truly a non-entity in the light of those who struggle each day to hold the Cloth aloft. Amongst the growing need for strong and powerful Draken to continue the ritual of the Cloth, Mauldin is a far cry from being the model image of those that are needed.

At a young age, Mauldin worked furiously to strengthen his body so that he may be chosen to help carry the Cloth. Every day, he pushed his body to its limits, meager though they were. It took only 34 years for him to be recruited; a full decade after many of his egg mates had already been selected. On his first shift of flying, Mauldin batted his wings in tandem with the others holding the Cloth. Near the end, he could feel himself tiring faster than those around him, each wing beat costing him precious energy. As he began to lose feeling and then consciousness, Mauldin realized that he was going to fall. He called for a replacement just as he began to slip into darkness.

Mauldin awoke in incredible pain. Each joint, every bone, and all of his organs felt smashed and jarred. Around him, clockwork creatures of ancient origin, The Forever People, were working to help mend his injuries. His wings broken and pulled from their sockets from his tumble through the sky, Mauldin yelped as one golem pushed the wing back into place.

During his childhood and well into his adolescence, Mauldin was interested in the properties of aerodynamic structures, hiding in plain sight, and the Overglassers. It was their overwhelming arrogance and abuse of power that led to the Sideless War. Mauldin now dedicates himself to fighting the Overglassers and to keep them from having absolute control of the Sun again.

Mauldin is dedicated, quiet, and slow to anger. He takes time to piece through information and to make his decision. Once made, Mauldin’s choice is set in stone. Mauldin prefers to speak only when necessary, every word should be important when spoken.


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