Ancient Bold was forged by the fires of war, guilded in the age of legends and crowned by the gods themselves…

The Age of Legends and War with Bram

The kingdom of Bold was founded at the dawn of the age of Legends. Small farming communities along the mouth of the River Down, beset by the ruthless horsemen of the Plain of Mouths. Their pleas for help were answered by Scale mercenaries who sailed from the mysterious south. Far more mercenaries arrived than could be fed, but the Scales were enchanted by the native’s hospitality. The camp along the river grew into what would eventually become the city of Bold, and the stalemate between the two sides finally ended when the Overglassers extended their dominion to Bold.

Economic Model #4

Bold flourished under the close scrutiny of the Overglass. The small farming communities on the coastal plain and river banks were brought under the control of the Trade princes, forerunners of Bold’s noble houses. The Overglass imposed heavy and unusual taxes. Some seasons, it was a particular type of grain. Other seasons, minerals, or livestock. Sometimes, even people.

The Black Scale flight under the guise of liberators, destroyed the Overglasser’s machines, but helped enslave the city’s non-draken. The Army of the Sun drove them out of Bold just before Ian Waters discovered the true nature of the army. Those who defected to the River Folk forces were instrumental in the defeat of the Overglasser’s land army.

The Age of Nations and Unification

The Sideless war left Bold in near ruin. The subsequent conflict with the Black Scale flight further threatened to destroy the city for good. When the dragon’s moral form was finally defeated, the armies of Bram and Bold were so intertwined that no commander could agree on who’s forces were who’s. The military alliance between the two countries turned into a permanent unification with the wedding of Prince Ganbaatar IV to Yulivia Straad, of house Hillwheat. Their son, Ulaan, was the first of the elected River Kings, and united the tribes of Bram with the people of Bold.

Politics and Trade

Bold facilitates commerce between all the nations of the North. Its vast fleet of ships, well defended harbors, and strong military help carry goods as well as news to the allied kingdoms. Their currency, the Sliver, is the coin of trade and is accepted in all ports of call. Bold itself is a major producer of grain, and Bram exports fine horses and cattle to the rest of the North.

Bold is ruled by a number of noble houses, which control various spheres of trade. Each of the noble houses votes and elects a King to enforce consensus among the houses. Although this king need not be a member of the houses, it most often is a child of one of the more prominent houses (see exception under King Yan, the Fool Regent).

The most prominent noble houses of Bold are

House Hillwheat: The holders of the best farmland.
House Canvass: Masters of harbors and sailing ships
House Batbayar: Ranchers of the western steppe
House Rethgon: Draken house, deals primarily in magical items and reagents
House Sandsla: A lesser house, recently risen to prominence after their defeat of another noble landowner.


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