The doorway to the Archive of the Past is framed by a wide, low hanging arch. Visible on the arch are symbols of various constellations; The two primary calendar systems of River Folk

Calendars and Dates in the Midglass

There are Two Calendar systems in the River Kingdoms.

Furp’s Calendar

Flow and Change

History of the Midglass

The formation of the Midglass happened some considerable time after the cooling of the Hot Glass, though the passage of time is not certain. Once the layers of lava cooled to rock, gasses condensed to liquids, and mountains and lakes formed, it is believed that refuse from the Overglass introduced life into the Midglass.

Growth of Life

Slowly, the Overglassers began to introduce life into the realm below. Algae bloomed in the seas, Grass covered the mountains. The first animals were brought in baskets from the sky to populate the land. When they were done, they cast their malformed children below, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The Age of Legends

During the Age of Legends, small cities began to develop and trade. Most of these settlements were formed along the River Down. It was then that The Scales began visiting the Northern continent, sailing to the shores of what is now the Kingdom of Bold. The first of what could be considered kingdoms were the city states of Bram and Bold. The Overglassers carefully regulated the size of these fledgling nations; through covert means or outright violence.

Toward the end of the age of legends, the discovery of Mithril and the rise of Arch-Demons prompted the Overglassers to take drastic measures to stem the progress of Midglass civilization. Additionally, the emergence of the first Dragons and Gods further changed the culture of the Midglass.

The Sideless War

The spread of the Black Scale Flight’s power, coupled with the discovery of mithril, prompted the Overglassers to expand their campaign of terror and intimidation. The Black Scale Flight was a cult of Draken slavers that worshiped Blackscale, the first Dragon. Their campaign to enslave or consume the other races brought them in direct conflict with Overglasser agents in Bold. The powerful magic wielded by Blackscale, combined with the aerial superiority of the Black Scale Flight, broke Overglasser control over the North.

In an effort to regain their holdings in the North, the Overglassers employed a network of mercenaries, many of them magicians, to attack the Black Scale Flight. This “Army of the Sun” waged war against the Blackscale Flight, until their true nature was discovered, most likely by the dragon Grath it ve Salz.

United against the Overglass, the Black Scale Flight and what would eventually form the Salz Grathi, Sandmen, the Tradeholm of Eastenbarrow and Kingdom of Bold defeated the Army of the Sun. In the final days of the war, the mage Jason Sand used magic to bring a small group of heroes into the Overglass to steal the Eye of the Summer Sun.

“The Age of Nations” or “The Age of Faith”- Current Era

With their ability to control the sun gone, the Overglassers left the Midglass. Free to grow, kingdoms spread across the North. The defeat of Blackscale’s physical avatar only strengthened the magic of his followers, but their numbers began to dwindle. In contrast, the followers of other gods such as Lord Ă…ith, Stain and the Salz Grathi grew in number. The majority of these deities were at one point mortal, but eventually ascended into godhood, a fact which only serves to reinforce the beliefs of their followers.

The rise of religion in the Midglass directly coincides with the rise of nation states, and most kingdoms pay respect to one or more Gods.


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