The Diggers

Diggers have narrow eyes, snouted noses, and tough, pebbly skin. Short and squat, the diggers live underground in tunnel complexes. Their thick, four fingered hands are well suited to digging through any but the most dense rock, but are capable of incredibly delicate craftsmanship. Diggers forage, hunt, and farm above ground while mining mineral wealth down below.

Splinter Race feats: Hill-born (Hildenbarrow), Lava-Born (Smoulderlings). Unless you choose one of these, you’re an “Eastenbarrow.”

Type: Medium (1×1) biped folk with a reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your constitution score.
Attributes: +2 to lower of con or str
base speed: 20 ft. Burrow 30 ft- Diggers can burrow straight through soil.
Darkvision II- In their tunnel homes, Diggers have little use for torches. Diggers ignore all penalties from ambient light.
Natural Attack: Claw I- Diggers have large claws on each of their five fingers. These natural digging tools are also defensive weapons.

Sharp Hearing- Its said Diggers can hear a pickaxe drop three tunnels away. Their hearing range increments are equal to Wis score x10 ft. They may always act during a surprise round unless deafened.

Improved stability- Diggers are stout of frame and heart. They are considered 1 size larger for carrying capacity, trample attacks, and resisting bull rush and trip attempts so long as you are standing firmly on the ground and not climbing, flying or riding.

Banned Checks: Jump, Swim- If a Digger needs to get up high, he builds a ladder. Diggers cannot jump or swim.

The Diggers

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