The Marred


Height and Weight: The Marred vary in size, based on caste. Some are as short as 3 feet, others as tall as trees.

Appearance: The Marred vary in appearance based on caste, but all share pigmentation uncommon to humans. Reddish browns, greens, grays and yellows. Many Marred also have tusks of varying size.

Language: The Marred speak simple languages full of guttural growling and slurring noises. Some Marred speak human languages, though tusks give them a peculiar accent.


Marred are tribal, living in groups of dozens to thousands. Most are nomadic, hunting and gathering in areas of varying size. Power in these tribes is organized according to caste, and some tribes have more members of one caste than the others.

Uruk-Mar(Orcs) Are the leaders of Marred society. Fierce but dim witted warriors, they rule by intimidation. Uruk believe themselves to be superior because they were “given the longest name.”
Uruk have grey or green skin, pronounced tusks, and heavy musculature and stand slightly taller than the average human.

Below the Uruk are the Ho-Mar(Hobgoblins). Ho-Mar are the shamen and soothsayers of Marred tribes. They are exceptionally intelligent for Marred, manipulating the numerically superior Uruk into giving them favored status. No doubt they are the true leaders of the Marred. Ho-Mar often have ruddy brown, tan, or yellow-green skin.

Or-Mar(Ogres) are even less intelligent than other marred, if one can believe it. The hulking Or-Mar are mighty, but cowardly. Without the Uruk to whip them into a frenzy, Or-Mar will flee at the first sign of defeat. Or-Mar are the second least numerous of the Marred, and can take on mutations that mimic their environment.

Go-Mar(Goblins) are the slaves of the Marred. Short and gnarled, the brightly colored Go-mar breed rapaciously. They are often used as fodder by their superiors to thin enemy forces in combat. Uncontrollable kleptomania is another side effect of their mutation, and many Go-mar are responsible for the disappearances of keys, socks, and other trifles during Marred raids.

Finally, Mek-Mar(Giants) are the last and most massive of the Marred. Mek-Mar resemble normal humans more closely than other Marred, except they are more than twice as tall! Mek-Mar are often solitary creatures, choosing only to join groups of Marred after receiving tribute. Like Or-Mar, Mek-Mark often have secondary mutations that mimic their environment.

The Marred

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