The Strait Alliance

The Age of Legends and the Time of Plenty

The Strait alliance is an incredibly fertile river valley sitting at its own outlet at the far north of the River Down. The Strait was settled by humans fleeing up river from the Horselords of Bram. Isolated from the Overglasser’s control in the south, the people of the strait had a powerful government and organized military to assist the River Folk in reclaiming Bold from the Army of the Sun.

The people of the Strait farm tough, flavorless vegetables and tubers. The sheer abundance of the food produced made the Strait the most populous area in the Midglass before the arrival of the Arch Demon.

The Age of Nations and the Arch Demon

Having just returned from defeating the Army of the Sun, the allied tribes of the strait were unprepared for the attack by an Arch Demon. A captive mage from the war inadvertently summoned a portal to the Pitch Citidel in an attempt to escape. Seeing the abundance with which the strait was blessed, the Arch Demon escaped through the portal to enslave its inhabitants for its dark and mysterious goals. In a long, bitter war, the tribes of the strait were brought under the yoke of the Arch Demon Fan Fraril. The Arch Demon was banished nearly a decade later by Shin Shiraz in her mortal form.

Though hundreds of years ago, the Strait has never fully recovered from the Arch demon’s taint. Besides the cursed creatures that hide in the tall grasses and forests, the tribes themselves have never truly reunified, each believing that the others were lax in their duties in guarding the Shackled Wretch.

Their close proximity to Nortenvas has placed the tribes in conflict with the Iron Crusaders many times. Most recently, the crusaders have redoubled their efforts to take the river stronghold of Vilden, the gateway to the rest of the Strait.

Places of Note

Vilden: Stronghold that meets the River Down, the “gate to the Strait.”

Landsmeet: The site of the annual meeting of tribal warlords. The city also serves as a place of commerce year round.

Filth Gulch A frosty canyon that some believe is a gateway to the Pitch Citadel.

The Tribes

The farmland along the Strait has many tribes, but there are five that wield political power over all others.

Frusten, Mald, Urk-kill, Rust and Vilden each maintain their own standing armies, stockpiles, and keeps. Vilden is the largest of the tribes, and the most frequent voice for unity among the landsmeet.


The people of the Strait are as hardy and humorless as their food. Their warrior culture emphasizes honor, skill, and conviction in all walks of life. Most follow the teachings of Shin Shiraz, veiling their women and abstaining from bloodsport and excess. Still, there are some that adhere to their past as warrior barbarians, engaging in duels to the death over the slightest provocation. Unlike most of the other nations of the North, there are few non-humans in the Strait, probably due to its chilly climate.

Climate and Vegetation

The Strait boasts little variety in plant life or climate. Its ruddy hills are full of nutrients from the freshly melted waters of the north, and its pine forests produce sturdy, short trees that dot the mountainsides. The Lady’s Lake and Landsmeet are part of the sparsely greened plains at far east of the country, and are home to their armies’ famous pygmy mammoths.

The Strait Alliance

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