The Western Bend

The Black Sale burnt the forests of the west to the ground. With a single act of sacrifice, they were renewed. The life giving waters of the West Bend nurture this young forest and its people

The Age of Legends and the burning of the West

Long before the shores of the river down were settled, the forests to the west were fed by the deep waters of the Western Bend. It is here that The Fair first revealed themselves to the rest of the river folk, and it was here where the secrets of magic were first revealed to ancient man.

Near the beginning of the Sideless War, Blackscale and his followers burnt the forest to the ground. Hundreds of miles of wood were turned into fuel for the dragon’s magical powers. At the end of the war, after the dragon’s defeat, one of the last speaking trees returned from battle to plant her last fertile seed. Over the span of a few decades, the forest had grown to nearly double its original size. The Woods of the Western Bend take up nearly a sixth of the continent, and are home to thousands of people scattered along the small rivers and streams that criss-cross through the forest.

The Age of Nations and the Rise of the Rite

In the Age of Nations, migrants to the West Bend have enjoyed an unparallelled standard of living. An abundance of food and natural shelter with a temperate climate make it an attractive destination for settlers and traders. The lack of aggressive predators or lethally venomous animals makes even the deepest reaches of forest safe to traverse. The “Mazers,” as people of the Maze Wood are called, have a natural affinity for magic of all types.

Government and Culture

The Mazers have a much more loosely structured government. Cities like Port Rhyme and Plainsmeet have established Lords and Ladies, but the real powers in the forest are the High Furps. Their blending of magic and traditional soothsaying and record keeping duties makes them powerful community leaders. The High Furp dictates the particulars, but at a certain age, the children of each village go on an important quest of self discovery. Many discover their magical abilities, but others realize their potential for other skills. The “Rite” as it is called, provides what little structure the inhabitants of this paradise require.

Places of Interest

Maze Wood is a dense temperate forest, the southern border of which is marked by the abrupt change in vegetation to the smaller, less majestic woods that border the kingdom of Bold.

Port Rhyme is the largest city in the Western Bend, and is home to the Hearth of Knowledge, an organization of benevolent magicians.

Plainsmeet is the central distribution point for the bounty of the forest, and the site of ancient ruins from a lost civilization. It borders the plains that overlook the Western Wastes.

Yanmede’s Island is allied with Port Rhyme, but shares little in common with the rest of the Western Bend. The island was once home to a lost tribe of Scales, but has since become a haven for freebooters and cutthroats.

The Western Bend

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