Tradeholm Eastenbarrow

Eastenbarrow, the mountain of green steel. Once a happy harbor on the River down, the Lake Dilreen has grown muddy, rippled by the lapping faces of a thousand cattle…

The Age of Legends and the Arch Demon’s Defeat

Tradeholm Eastenbarrow was once home to two clans of diggers. The Hildenbarrows lived in the foothills and forests to the south, and the Eastenbarrows lived in Mt. Eastenbarrow. The two clans unified shortly after the discovery of Mithril, but all was not well.

The vicious Arch Demon B’zazanel secretly enslaved the Eastenbarrows, and forced them to construct weapons for his army of Marred. The Heroic people of Lake Dilreen stood against this menace, with Salz Grathi in his mortal form leading the charge. The army defeated, the heroes entered the mine and banished the Arch Demon.

Their forces hardened by battle, the Lake was well prepared for the Blackscale’s attack. Their elite fighting units were part of the Army of the Sun, but quickly defected to follow Salz Grathi and the others.

The Age of Nations and the Stain of Blood Brothers

The plunder brought back from the Overglass added to the Tradeholm’s already overflowing coffers. Investing the money into cattle, vast tracks of land around the lake were transformed into grazing land. The Marred were driven off their ancestral homelands and into the city to work, save for the Marex, who retreated even further behind their magical defenses.

Politics and Trade

In the Age of Nations, the digger’s faith in Stain has turned their attention away from matters of business. The task of balancing the Tradeholm’s considerable profits was given to the town Council of Lake Dilreen. Treasurer Jez’man is the current treasurer of the Eastenbarrow, and the first male to hold the position in over three hundred years. Unlike his rowdy subjects, he is greatly concerned by the rise in criminal activity, and frequently dispatches the Mountain Guard to recover lost shipments.

The Town Council is made up of several noble houses, each informally in charge of a different aspect of the country’s government.

House Hyde is directly in charge of the treasury, regulating trade, and policing the markets.

House Dilman is in charge of diplomatic relations, the city’s food, and new buildings.

House Doddin wields authority over the docks and fishing, and regulates council meetings.

House Tanner runs the town guard and non-digger military.

House Fishman is in charge of policing the area outside of the city, and regulating the use of magical items.

House Czaren deals almost exclusively in the cattle trade.

Places of Interest

Lake Dilreen was once a pristine lake, rumored to have magical properties. It was also home to the Betrayer in her mortal form.

The City of Lake Dilreen is a bustling metropolis, rival to Port Rhyme and Bold. Its slaughter houses and forges give the city an… interesting aroma.

Brandywine’s Folly is another city port along the River Down, and a preferred starting point for adventurers heading into the unclaimed mountains to the east.

The mysterious Valley of the Marex lies to the north of the lake. Few traverse this deep valley for fear of the marred mystics that are rumored to live there.

Tradeholm Eastenbarrow

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