Tradeholm Flumhel

Flumhel: The mountain of flame. An untamed flame is perhaps the greatest danger a digger can face. The brave founders of Flumhel, however, are not ones to shy from danger…

Mt. Flumhel is a direct conduit to the Everlasting Pyre, the eternally burning flame on the border between the Swift Wind and the Eye of Discord. This inferno of burning gasses rises high enough to push through the Midglass and through the top of Mt. Flumhel near the Eastern Bend. The intense heat has melted the solid rock core of the mountain, and occasionally lava explodes from its crater,flowing down to decimate the surrounding forest.

The Age of Nations

After the defeat of Blackscale‘s mortal form, a chil’d general and Sandman led a band of digger soldiers north to hunt the fleeing Overglassers. At the river’s eastern bend, they nearly caught up to their quarry when a massive stream of burning rock surged down the mountain, allowing the war criminals to escape. Stymied, they decided to try to go up the mountain to find a way over the stream. What they discovered completely distracted them; the mountain was chocked full of precious gemstones. The digger soldiers decided to remain, and their decedents formed the Tradeholm of Flumhel.

The nation boasts an impressive trade in precious gems, ore, and ashes for fertilizing farmland. Some non-diggers are adept at crafting jewelry from the gemstones, and create masterpiece settings for the exquisite stones their digger overlords mine.

Places of Interest & Changes in Diggers

The Diggers of Flumhel have developed special adaptations to cope with the intense heat of Mt. Flumhel’s interior. These “Lava born” diggers often have ruddy skin, and can raise their body temperature to tolerate sweltering conditions inside the mountain’s main mineral veins.

Tradeholm Flumhel’s seat of power is the New Mine, on the eastern face of Mt. Flumhel. The New Mine was opened after a near catastrophy involving an Arch Demon. Down the mountain is the river port of Choke Point, so named for the Digger god Stain’s signature attack. The port is small in comparison to the non-digger cities of Tradeholm Eastenbarrow, but it provides the surrounding population with wealth and protection.

Tradeholm Flumhel

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