An order of Mage-hunting assassins, the Sandmen began during The Sideless War as members of an elite fighting unit. Their mission was to kill or incapacitate the Army of the Sun’s magicians.


Sandmen employ specialized weaponry to defeat magicians. They prefer easily concealed daggers, but often wield weapons no mage would give a second glance to; farming implements, furniture, and even shoes.

In open conflict, Sandmen almost exclusively favor harpoons. The range, lethality, and wrapping cords of these versatile fishing implements are highly effective against magicians both at a distance and in close quarters.


Sandmen favor disguise and the element of surprise. They often track magicians for weeks, infiltrating their inner circle of friends. Sandmen are masters of deceit, misdirection, and stealth.

In open warfare, they can be identified by their weapons. Due to specialized training, many mages can identify the aura of anti-magical defense Sandmen have cultivated through years of training.


The Sandmen derive their name from the mage Jason Sand, who’s band of mercenaries was instrumental in defeating the Overglassers during The Sideless War. In the Age of Nations, Sandmen are trained by independent masters or small academies, and employed by wealthy houses and governments to hunt errant mages.


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